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D.K. Log

08.06.2015, 16-18h; updated 10.06.2015, nite-time.
Antenne/ANTENNAE double-booklet publication presentation at another vacant space., Berlin.

05.2015, 20h; updated 17.07.2015, beginnning.
Nie chce mówić (I won't talk), KOŁO FALENICA, curated by Igor Omulecki, in the countryside/PL.

02.05.2015, 10h; updated 04.05.2015, in the early.
not knowing. artist + academic research intervention at the Humboldt-Universität zu
Berlin, diving into the potential darkness of the unknown. a collaborate experiment, part
of the month of performance art berlin

04.-07.2015, 20h; updated 04.05.2015, day-time.
Filmklubb 2015: Wann ist ein Mann ein Mann? Co-curated bi-weekly film programme
at the Norhern European Institute, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

12.03.2015, 20h.
schrittmacher/trittbretter (organengesang). live performance by daniel kupferberg and
adam nankervis, deutsches hygiene-museum dresden, as part of an interdisciplinary
convention on prosthetics
. with thanks to DHMD, TU-Berlin and mr. Sorge.

25.08.2014, evening.
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menu modifications.

20.07.2014, 19h00; updated midnight 17.07.2014.
finissage + catalogue presentation, another vacant space.

dancing for the Danger Museum, Ongoing AIR, Tokyo.
(hello, Øyvind, hello Zayne)

01.07.2014; updated solstice daytime 2014.
seminar participation at the Phillippine Embassy, London, a London Biennale 2014 pollination.

Opening 28.06.2014, 19h; updated 24.06.2014.
The Silence of a Movement, avs. Berlin.

10.05.2014, late afternoon; update 17.05.2014, after midday.
essay writings and more for a group presentation on the "New Danish Cinema" at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Northern European Institute of the Humboldt University, Dorotheenstraße 24, Berlin. On view until 20.05.2014.

09.03.2014, evening.
The Marble Publicist with James Edmonds, Akustikwerft @ Superposition by ESEL DURCH WIEDERHOLUNG // ein KLANGLABORATORIUM, Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin.

15.02.2014, brz evening time.
featured in upon a painted ocean..., an exhibition by Adam Nankervis, Galeria Emma Thomas, São Paulo.

01.02.2014, evening; update 29.01.2014.
group show On Perspective, Lab 451, Camden Image Gallery, London.

27.01.2014, later afternoon; update 29.01.2014.
delivering mail to the Free Townswoman, danger museum, tête, berlin.

Markering I (2009/2014) in slashseconds issue #14: Totem - Haunted Technologies.

27.11.2013, early afternoon; update 28.02.2014, early.
Fruit Processor, a lecture performance with Kathrin Köster, Bildämnets Dag, Malmö Högskola (SE).

26.10.2013, early; update 27.06.2014, afternoon.
Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmen (5-8)
Trophäengallerie on tour with Kunstverein Familie Montez in Exil @ Preview, Berlin, 19.09.2013 (5); Museum Lytke, Leipzig (6), 26.10.2013; AEG Bau 61, Nürnberg, 07.12.2013 (7); Kunstwerk Köln e.V., Cologne, 11.01.2014 (8); Honselbrücke, Frankfurt, 11.05.2014 (9).

01.09.2013, late morning; update 28.02.2014, early.
A reading @ Das Naturschöne, 31.8.-01.09.2013, Grandhotel Abgrund, Hamburg.

08.08.2013, afternoon.
danielkupferberg.dk is now online.

26.07.2013, 01:23:45.
danielkupferberg.dk is online very soon.

Site back-log

18.07.2013, evening; update 25.08.2014, late.
Antenne @ another vacant space., Berlin.

29.05.2013, digital freeze time; updated 04.05.2015, later.
Hotel Suite (2013) in slashseconds edition 13: The Subjectile.

24.08.2012, evening; update 25.08.2014, early.
Enter @ T.V.O.D., 24.8.-28.08.2012, Manteuffelstr. 90, Berlin.

12.-18.07.2010, evening; update 10.06.2014, very early.
M_A_ @ Meisterschülerausstellung, Universität der Künste, Berlin (DE).