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D.K. Log

Coming up : 12.12.2020
An afternoon programme @GartenKunstNetz, Hamburg DE; pandemiekonform - title t.b.a.

Coming up : Nov./Dec. 2020 -
Entzaubert am Brunnen, a public performance series with Theda Weber-Lucks

Coming up : Oct. 2020
Strobo / IT - in planning

Late August -> Late December 2020
artist recidency pilot project @Krebskontor, Hamburg, with burgund t brandt

05. June -> 04. July 15. June 2020; :click the image below for more:
ich hab kein vogel, ich hab mehrere (birds on the roofs, bats in the belfry)
installation at SP/2, Berlin


May+June 2020, geupdated late Sept. 2020
artist residence,
Atelierhaus zur Wende, Altfriedland/Neuhardenberg DE. With big shout-out to Fritz, Caroline, and Pippa.

May 01 -> Dec 31 2020 (, late September Update):
Maps, Mazes, and the Morphic Mirror - London Biennale 2020
The London Biennale this year takes place online. You are warmly invited to visit the online exhibition at londonbiennale.net (for which I am responsible). Still accepting submissions!

2020 Cancelled / not Cancelled.
: dear all, please take good care of each other. ūüė∑

14.02.-08.03.2020, retraced 27.09.2020 16:15
Traces / Emma Haugh, Petja Ivanova, Kathrin Köster & Daniel Kupferberg, Amelie Marei Löllmann, Carolin Seeliger, Lee Stevens / Ideas by the collective / Schaufenster/frontviews, Berlin/ Text by Adela Yawitz / installation and workshop with Kathrin Köster

20.01.2020 at 20-22h ECT
Danger Museum is exhibiting Moebius (in which I'm either a sheep, a sailor, or a drunken farmer dancing) at Plexus Projects, Brooklyn. www.plexusprojects.org

08.12.2019; updated Sun 19 Jan 21:41
with José Vítores' ensemble - premiere of his mini-opera, Historias de Piratas,
Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin.

15.11.2019, geupdated am achten zwölften zwotausendneunzn
NICHTSALSSCHOENHEIT presents Wunderkammer, featuring a group exhibition and a
performance programme. Showing Pantheon/Frontispice (2012/2019) and staging
Wonder/Wander, part ii, featuring Elisabeth Ruhe, Foudil, Fritz Bornst√ľck, Michael
Allman Conrad, Eglof Berger and D.K.

20.09.2019, updated Dec. 08 2019 in the early.
Release of Kathrin Köster's inventive work catalogue, ex plica, via argobooks.
A pleasure to help with modelling and feedback.

08.09.2019, late afternoon, updated past midnight 05 Nov 2019
with Team Endeffekt at the 114m √ľber Marzahn festival
presenting Entzaubert am Berg / Kosmisches Campen mit Hang zum Feeling.

28.08.2019, update 08.12.2019.2:56
NICHTSALSSCHOENHEIT no.5 - Wunder artmag release at Eigen+Art Lab, Berlin.
Performance programme featuring WONDER/WANDER featuring Eglof Berger, Theda Weber-Lucks, Meltem Nil and D.K.

06.06.2019, updated
NNOI#4, experimental music+arts festival, Großzernikow
An installation by burgund t brandt feat oTspri* at Hochstand#8.

Jul 5th ‚ÄĒ Aug 24th, 2019, opdateret 08dec2019nat
Okey-Dokey III - Fenster. Featuring David Medalla Sies + H√∂keu>, D√ľsseldorf
featuring the foldable display table Display (2017) courtesy of Adam Nankervis' private collection. See also Speicher:Grass Harp.

winter/spring 2019, updated
Tanzart trifft Landart. Part documentation, part co-organising of a children's dance
and land art workshop from January-March 2019, resulting in a publication.

24 February 2019, updated Dec. 08 2019 in the depths of night.
Art Fair Philippines 2019, Manila.
On a panel with Petty Benitez and Adam Nankervis presenting and discussing the David Medalla
in Berlin.

23. Nov. 2019, updated 08. Dec. 2019, night time.
80 Jahre Rathaus Tempelhof - ein Raum-Klang-Event
Co-organising a music event of ensemble improvisations in various spaces of the Townhall
Tempelhof for it's 80th jubilee.

30.09.2018, 17:00 Uhr; updated 22.10.2018
Dieter Schnebel (1930-2018) - Musikalischer Abschied (a farewell in music)
Arranged by FG Neue Musik. Neue Ton- und Klangkunst, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin.
Featuring: Jugend-Streichorchester der LKMS, Chico Mello, Johannes Meyerhöfer, Daniel Kupferberg, Ulla Weber, Theda Weber-Lucks, Meltem Nil, Anna Clementi, Susanne Elgeti, Christian Kesten and others.

mezzogiorno 03.09.2018; updated 16.09.2018, sunnyday.
On Etna with Adam Nankervis, Sicily

17-19.08.2018; updated 16.09.2018
two new works Syner and Vejen er sp√¶rret til dr√łmmeland @ Globe Galery, Grabower Heilst√§tten, Brandenburg.

.06.2018; updated 16.09.2018
Fragmente von Gleichzeitigkeit, curated by Alessandro Rauschmann

25.05.2018-02.06.2018; updated 16.09.2018
Initiation and coordination of the futuristic congress expo2001‚ąě at Argh! (Berlin)

22.02.2018; updated 16.09.2018.
Organised Und heute ans Meer for German language poet and friend+collaborator Olaf Schmidt (22.02.1955-22.11.2017), a memorial night at ausland Berlin.

04.12.2017, evening darkness/inside lit; updated 16.09.2018 in the evening.
Performing in André Uerba's ongoing Short Pieces at CHB as part Montag Modus/Uncertain Distances series (#16)

01.11.2017, 19 Uhr; updated 08.12.2019
projected music for Brazilian composer Chico Mello's 30+30 jubilee concert at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.

24.08.2017, inside litness/outside eyesclosed; updated 27.09.2020.
as oT Spri with burgund t brandt go ISOLATION at Vierte Welt (Berlin), as part of the sound art collective effort Klang Tour 2017

fin 07.07.2017:
Speicher: - closing event with premiere book presentation of Marta Leite and the joint performance Ex:Pex:S: (Metamorphosis 3:1, Part II) with Kathrin Köster & Theda Weber-Lucks.

reading 13.06.2017, updated 08DEC2019EARLY
Speicher: - Kopflöcher und Sägespäne, texts by D.K. read by Olaf Schmidt and Lars Jolig with sounds by Elisabeth Ruhe & Zhenja Oks

10.05.2017; updated 16.09.2018, evening
Performing for The Mondrian Fan Club Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2017

opening 05.05.2017:
Speicher: - salon presention of a selection of sketchbooks and new and past publications, Grass Harp, Berlin.

02.09.2016; updated 08.01.2017, snow day.
providing the cover for Versform & ikonicitet : Med exempel från svensk modernistisk lyrik by Jimmie Svensson, Lund University Publications.

general overhaul: 11.09.2016, very early birdish.
(pardon the unintentional, temporary messthetics, here).

24.02.2017; updated 16.09.2019, evening
co-curating of a group show at another vacant space., Berlin.
anothervacantspace.com/metronomics . Image: installation view of Ort (2017).

22.-26.08.2016; updated 17.09.2016, evening.
documentation of Zwischenräume, a youth/kids' dance/music workshop @ Preddöhl International in north-western Brandenburg (Mark), 1st screening was on 12.09.2016; a second is due 07.10.2016.

15.08.2016; updated 11.09.2016, snory night time.
Contributed the audio piece Kenthockeytrail (as dadaba) to the fabulous "dada baroness" Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven tribute compilation Holding Tail With Mouth: Poems by The Baroness, celebrating her 100th centennial.

spring.2016; updated 17.09.2016, after eight fiftysix.
playing several parts in the video piece MOEBIUES for the danger museum collective.

early winter.2016; updated 11.09.2016, first birds chirping.
caption video for the FYTINI artist collective (fytini.com).

.10.2016; updated 11.09.2016, early birds chirping.
a forgotten video contribution for a berlin request party:
Onzer Boot, https://vimeo.com/142617613 .

mid-09.2015; updated 09.10.2015, late+early, too.
one out of a series of drawings done for Jimmie Svensson's translations of Berlin-related german-language poetry from of the 20th century in the Swedish poetry magazine Populär Poesi nr. 24/25 can be found here: http://www.popularpoesi.se/dikter/nummer-25/berlin-1900-tal/

10.-13.09.2015, 16-18h; updated 07.09.2015, morning window sun.
summa art fair, Madrid, representing another vacant space. alongside Mateusz Chorobski, Paul Darius, James Edmonds, David Medalla, Mondrian Fanclub, Adam Nankervis and Igor Omulecki. Catch me at the booth.

14.-22.08.2015; updated 09.10.2015, very late and very early.
joining David Medalla and Adam Nankervis for a series of performances in and around Venice, showing at Microclima, the Philippine Pavillion in Palazzo Mora and at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

08.06.2015, 16-18h; updated 10.06.2015, nite-time.
Antenne/ANTENNAE double-booklet publication presentation at another vacant space., Berlin.

05.2015, 20h; updated 05.08.2015, 23:06.
Nie chce m√≥wińá (I don't want talk), KOŇĀO FALENICA, curated by Igor Omulecki, in the countryside/PL.

02.05.2015, 10h; updated 04.05.2015, in the early.
not knowing. artist + academic research intervention at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, diving into the potential darkness of the unknown. a collaborate experiment, part of the month of performance art berlin.

04.-07.2015, 20h; updated 04.05.2015, day-time.
Filmklubb 2015: Wann ist ein Mann ein Mann? Co-curated bi-weekly film programme
at the Northern European Institute, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

12.03.2015, 20h.
schrittmacher/trittbretter (organengesang). live performance by daniel kupferberg and adam nankervis, deutsches hygiene-museum dresden, as part of an interdisciplinary convention on prosthetics. with thanks to DHMD, TU-Berlin and mr. Sorge.

25.08.2014, evening.
Site back-log update. Click here to jump back in time. menu modifications.

20.07.2014, 19h00; updated midnight 17.07.2014.
finissage + catalogue presentation, another vacant space.

dancing for the Danger Museum, Ongoing AIR, Tokyo.
(hello, √ėyvind, hello Zayne)

01.07.2014; updated solstice daytime 2014.
seminar participation at the Phillippine Embassy, London, a London Biennale 2014 pollination.

opening 28.06.2014, 19h; updated 24.06.2014.
The Silence of a Movement, avs. Berlin.

10.05.2014, late afternoon; updated 16.09.2019, evening.
essay writings etc. for a presentation on the "New Danish Cinema" at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Northern European Institute of the Humboldt University, Dorotheenstraße 24, Berlin. On view until 20.05.2014.

09.03.2014, evening.
The Marble Publicist with James Edmonds, Akustikwerft @ Superposition by ESEL DURCH WIEDERHOLUNG // ein KLANGLABORATORIUM, Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin.

15.02.2014, brz evening time.
featured in upon a painted ocean..., an exhibition by Adam Nankervis, Galeria Emma Thomas, S√£o Paulo.

01.02.2014, evening; update 29.01.2014.
group show On Perspective, Lab 451, Camden Image Gallery, London.

27.01.2014, later afternoon; update 29.01.2014.
delivering mail to the Free Townswoman, danger museum, tête, berlin.

Markering I (2009/2014) in slashseconds issue #14: Totem - Haunted Technologies.

27.11.2013, early afternoon; update 28.02.2014, early.
Fruit Processor, a lecture performance with Kathrin Köster, Bildämnets Dag, Malmö Högskola (SE).

26.10.2013, early; update 27.06.2014, afternoon.
Wurzeln weit mehr Aufmerksamkeit widmen (5-8)
Troph√§engallerie on tour with Kunstverein Familie Montez in Exil @ Preview, Berlin, 19.09.2013 (5); Museum Lytke, Leipzig (6), 26.10.2013; AEG Bau 61, N√ľrnberg, 07.12.2013 (7); Kunstwerk K√∂ln e.V., Cologne, 11.01.2014 (8); Honselbr√ľcke, Frankfurt, 11.05.2014 (9).

01.09.2013, late morning; update 28.02.2014, early.
A reading @ Das Naturschöne, 31.8.-01.09.2013, Grandhotel Abgrund, Hamburg.

08.08.2013, afternoon.
danielkupferberg.dk is now online.

26.07.2013, 01:23:45.
danielkupferberg.dk is online very soon.

Site back-log

18.07.2013, evening; update 25.08.2014, late.
Antenne @ another vacant space., Berlin.

29.05.2013, digital freeze time; updated 04.05.2015, later.
Hotel Suite (2013) in slashseconds edition 13: The Subjectile.

24.08.2012, evening; update 25.08.2014, early.
Enter @ T.V.O.D., 24.8.-28.08.2012, Manteuffelstr. 90, Berlin.

12.-18.07.2010, evening; update 10.06.2014, very early.
M_A_ @ Meistersch√ľlerausstellung, Universit√§t der K√ľnste, Berlin (DE).