Daniel Kupferberg works

4 Letters to the Wind


DVD-video projection, 11min20 (loop)
Consists of the videos (counterclockwise starting from the upper left):
In den Wäldern (In the Woods) (2min40), 2005; 

Snöklippa (Snow Rock) (5min20), 2005;
Hedeløb (Heath Run) (6min30), 2006;
Klit (Dune) (2min30), 2006

Clumsily picking up the phone, holding the line while waiting for an answer, getting cluttered up in the cables, hanging up trying - and thereby getting a reply.

Each video frame is looped a certain number of times, with the black background visiblie in breaks between the loops. During the overall loop, no simultaneous moment betweens the four single screens is the same. The sound from the original videos has been removed.

see also:
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