Daniel Kupferberg works


Publicly accessible space
T.V.O.D. Berlin

Opening:TapePerformance by EM Stein (feat. MarkuesTxtRemodel)
+ Dancing with DJ Blodfet + Bar by Alex+Fine+Pauline
Documentation photos by Fine, Deb + DK
I'm not coming out - I'm letting you in

An assemblage of portal projections, dedicated to the Alice-doors of this world.

installation shots (nighttime)

2011/2012 (T.V.O.D. participatory patch version : for each visitor one credit was stored. this credit directly or later was invested in changes - additions, subtractions, construction changes.)

Pantheon/Multiplex Tape Performance
by EM Stein (feat. MarkuesTxtRemodel)
(Participative tape loop with a remix of an interpretation (read by Markues) on the exhibition, played with the help of fingers, straws, bottles and more, underneath the Pantheon/Multiplex.)

Mæanderthaler (T.V.O.D. Floorcast version)

Mæanderthaler (40m version)

CEHA (T.V.O.D. Silver Slat version)

2012-print version (with afterwords of O. Schmidt)

+TXT:Markues/Auswahl aus Allem
+TXT:Ralf Katzenstein
+ABSENCE-FLOWER from Kathrin Köster

Supervised by myself ( *Erklärungsbedarf* ).

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Auf den Punkt kommen (2008)
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