Daniel Kupferberg works

Flush/Memory 2007 i

Solo performance, 45min duration
CUMU #2 (a Port Performance presentation), old Mud Bath of Pärnu, Estonia
as part of the "Non Grata Performance Festival", January 2007
documentation photography by Fideelia Signe-Roos (1,2) and Ines Dunemann (3) -
"Daniel Kupferberg is sitting on a stool which is standing on a table in a room filled up with many red chairs and plenty of stuff. He is sitting with the face to the window and in his hand he has a flushbutton of a toilett which he presses continuously. After a while he changes the place, walks through the corridor, opens a door and enters into a small room and closes the door behind him. Daniel appears again in another room that is conected with this room where he enters. He is dressed up with a bathrope and lays down on a massage bed. After a time of laying he goes back to the room with the red chairs, change the situation by throwing papers and objects around. Again he goes through the corridor into the room with the massage bed. He repeats the action like a loop all time long. During the whole time he keeps on pressing the flushbutton."

from http://www.portperformance.net/daniel_kupferberg.htm

Flush/Memory 2007 ii

Flush/Memory 2007 iv

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