Daniel Kupferberg works

Das Klangfarbenorchester (KFO III) (Orchestra of the Colour of Sound)

Live performance, ausland-Berlin, 13th of June 2009;
duration 25 min.

With Kathrin Köster, Pius Fox, Flavia Spichtig, Mitya Churikov, Mark Riesland, Katharina Nawarotzki, Simon Stadtmüller, Lea Steffens, Nicola Knappe and D.K.
Photo documentation by Christian Vagt.


3rd performance installment of a 10-person object/music instrument ensemble. 4 object players, placed on a green plastic grass stage in front of an audience, are each assigned to one instrument player (4 musicians, placed next to the plastic green grass stage). Every object and musical instrument pairing is coupled by visual and musical principles, first and foremost that of call and responce, secondly the nature of their placement in the whole.
Take for example The Painter who uses the bow-like paint- roller to paint on wodden boards, in close cooperation with The Violin-Player. The Painter hears the violin, The Violin-Player sees the painting of the boards. They form The Melody, black paint standing for the minor, white for the major key.

An exception to these pairings is The Disturber who plays a cassette deck with the sound of a voice reading mobile phone commercials and dadaistic texts. She is only interacting with the rest of the orchestra in that she disturbs.

The Director, who is supposed to be in charge of the ensemble, only partially has control over the complete situation. His role is to produce a flow of image and music, but as the players partially have a life on their own, this task is a relatively difficult one.

The Painter / The Violin-Player - forming The Melody (yellow)
Fan Blower / The Bass-Player - creating Gushs of Fresh Air for the Hips (green)
Shower Head Drop / The Trombone-Player - levelling The Remedy (blue)
The Sky Marcher / The Drummer - beating The Pounding Heart (pink)
The Disturber / The Voice of Disturbance (taped recordings) - making Noise (red)
The Director - getting The Overall Picture and aiming for Music, ideally (white)

The Documentor (off stage)


Rundgang 2008, UdK-Berlin
feat. Kathrin Köster, Mark D. Riesland, Simon Stadtmüller, Andreas Kerbs, Mike Bourscheid, Pius Fox, Katharina Nawarotzky, Kerstin Wehmeyer (née Oelke), Claudia Dorfmüller and D.K.


Raum 89, Berlin, April 17 2008
feat. Kathrin Köster, Mark D. Riesland, Jonas Ruthenberg, Johannes, Tania Weirauch, Pius Fox, Katharina Nawarotzky, Kerstin Wehmeyer (née Oelke), Claudia Dorfmüller and D.K.

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