Daniel Kupferberg works

On Work

On Site (On Here)

Growth and transformation intension. Everything's connected, though certain things are closer connected than others. Looking into the square. Watching beyond the frame. I like to keep slots open. Certain aspects need no mention, at least not here.

On Method

'A Method'?
break down?
A general and reduced bouquet of 'themes'/topics of interest/theoretical approach into a few catchy phrases?
Everything's relevant. What I do do is I'm learning a lot of ways to do things. And several perpectives and viewpoints on how/not? to perceive. I trust my blind spots. I tend to get fooled. I often wake up, at some point. Please (don't) tell me what to do.

On Categories

I like categories, but they tend to overlap, or not really fit. I like #hashtags, but they sure aren't definite.

On Hyperlinks

Click, Click; Back, Back !

<br> On Chronology

( In Time )

On Vocabulary

It's growing. How much can I feed my brain that it doesn't burst? I'd like to USB my mind with yours, I'm pondering over firewalling.

On Translation / On Language(s)

( Isherwood-quote/A.N. )

On Loops

( see also : Loop (2008) )

On Systems

Oblique Strategies (Hello B.E./XX), Amorphous Assemblage, Parallel Ports/Expantion Pack/Amorous Couplings/Dock-on Thoughtcraft Fly-By, Dead-End Dwellings, Ill Archives of Untenderly Neglect (Psyochosis Analysis),
What's Your Agender?

( see also : Speicher I II III IV V (2013), WaldMarkt (2006) )

On Connections

On Done Before, On Said Differently, On Different Context, On What Do I Think, On What Do You Think, On Where Are We Now, On Where Are We Heading, On Where Were We, On And On,

( on land, in sea, through air, avoiding/together : 2wan5 (2010) )

Off Topic

( I love drifting. ) ( listen to : The Drifters (2008) )

On Motives

OMG I'm so shrouded in translucency.

On Duty

You know, duty free can be pricey in some ends.

On Clouds

Let's rain in digits (our new nonpareidolian amnesia).
Fog of war / Angry veil (failing judgment).
A Joni look might help you shrug off your simplified fixations
( see also : Himmelskörper / Himmelswand (2007))

On Water

It evaporates. It wants to go up. (On Clouds)

On Dirty Socks

( off second skin : Allo C.B., je suis içi (2007) )
( clean? gone socks : Closet Widows (2008) )

On Guilt

( see also : humour )

On Bitterness

( watch your soup )

On Smell

( see also : Härchens Ballhaus (2010) )

On Music

On Landscape

In Earth, On Kepler 61b

see also : Landskab I (2004), Waldmarkt (2006)

On Family

How can I choose whom to include in this list?

On Erweiterte Bekanntschaftskreis (= Expanded Field of Aquaintances)

Say Me, Say You.
I could read Lacan, but I haven't.

( see also : Begegnungsbuch (2008), Mosquito (2009), your neighbours )

On Secrets

What can't I tell You?

On Dreams

( partial recall )
( narcoleptic retreat )
( for bad teeth : Die Rettung der Titanic, auf einer Erbse ruhend (2010) )

On Building

On Carrier / On Carried / On Tool / On Automat / On Sketch / On Site / Off Line

( see also : Atlas-Maskine (2008), mælken fryser i sin karton (2009), 2019 (2011), P.M. (2010/2012) )

On Material

Plastic Hippie
Virtual Swallow
Endless Generation
Final Meltdown

On Generation

I feel very connected with generating.

On Relevance

On Insistency / On Crisis

In Time

DK.bln June 20th 2013 today.