Daniel Kupferberg works

RumSkib (SpaceShip)


Mixed-media incl. c-prints, objects, dvd-videos, interactive elements, sound; 320x480x105cm
Rundgang'009, UdK-Berlin

Photo above cc-by-nc-sa-markues_2009-07, the rest by D.K.
RumSkib is a sketchpad, a spacial collection of starts, a stockpile of marquettes, with shelves of potential.
Sails are set, heading out.

RumSkib contains early versions of
Du bist Strom (2010),
Tempel til en undsluppen Guldfisk (2009),
Pollen (2006/2009),
HeartBeat (2008/2009),
Sails (2009),
POV I (2009/2010)
as well as elements off
Auf den Punkt kommen (2008)
and more.

At selected times, *Erklärungsbedarf*
is present and available.

see also:
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